Exclusive to distributors in the promotional advertising world.
We sell to distributors only.

About us

We are committed to selling through distributors and do not go direct. Only through verified ASI or SAGE or PPAI members.

we have been manufacturing sports shirts since 2015 in the US. We have been a PPAI member since 1994 and ASI since 1992 as a supplier member.

our quality is American made and we can certify our goods to be to the level of the requirement of Union. We are not Union but we support their initiatives.

 Our fabric is American made as well. So we are “Made in the USA” from beginning to finish.

 We ship random samples that are sold as final with no return. We can also construct a sample as a custom item and the price is on a quote basis.

All our prices are disclosed once we verify that you are a legitimate distributor

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